Tell the CPS what you think…

Now you know Alison’s Story what would you want to see happen if an older Mental Health Nurse in an NHS Hospital had sex with a vulnerable young woman? Should he get away with engaging in illegal sex acts and covering up an abortion because it was nearly 30yrs ago, or should he be prosecuted? Please take five seconds to complete this poll and then take a moment to share the link with your friends and contacts…

We have also provided some email addresses for the Crown Prosecution Service in Cumbria as well as the Chief Constable of Cumbria Police and Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Please feel free to email them if you feel strongly about these issues. Their email addresses are below:

Isla Chilton, Senior Prosecutor, Cumbria CPS, email:

Jerry Graham, Chief Constable of Cumbria Police, email:   

Peter McCall, Police and Crime Commissioner, email: