Useful documents

These documents include recent decisions from the CPS. There is also the key evidence Cumbria Police lost in 2001 (pregnancy termination certificate and notes from Alison’s Psychiatrist), this was the same evidence North Cumbria NHS were in possession of which they did not share with the CPS or Police. There is a letter from the Chief Executive of North Cumbria NHS in which he names and apologises for the behaviour of their employee. Lastly, there is a copy of a handwritten note taken from the Police Investigation in 2001/02 which acknowledges the Police knew an illegal relationship existed but chose not to pursue the matter because they felt it would involve a lot of work; bless them I hear you say…

Investigation into North Lakeland Healthcare NHS Trust Nov 2000 (see p44)

The last link above is to a document entitled “Report into North Lakeland Healthcare” from November 2000. It shows North Cumbria NHS would have been focused on managing their reputation when my family first approached them in 2001, this is something we were unaware of at the time but Cumbria Police was fully aware. It also shows there was a senior Police Commander on the board of North Lakeland Healthcare at the time of the investigation in 2001/02. Some people have suggested the presence of a Senior Police Commander might explain why the original investigation was brushed under the carpet, it would only be fair to note that stranger things have happened and Cumbria Police have never had a reputation as the most transparent Police Force on the block.