What do we want?

We would like the CPS to review their decision and prosecute this case. We think the story of how an older Trainee NHS Mental Health Nurse groomed a vulnerable mentally ill young woman, had sex on hospital premises, withheld information about a pregnancy and helped arrange a crisis abortion, is very much in the Public Interest. We think the CPS should explore the circumstances around what happened to Alison and get to the bottom of how these events occurred in an NHS Hospital under the noses of staff. We now know from other patients what happened to Alison was not an isolated incident. We feel the CPS should want to investigate these matters fully.

We would like independent reviews of both the investigations Cumbria Police undertook in 2001 and 2016. These should look closely at the role of a former Senior Police Commander who was on the board of the NHS Trust at the time of the first investigation and also seek to find out what happened to the evidence Cumbria Police lost. We would like to know if as was suspected at the time, the Police had an implicit national policy of not intervening in cases in NHS Hospitals.

We would like the role of Executives from North Cumbria NHS in 2001 to be explored. We want to know why they did not share evidence with Cumbria Police, including medical notes and a pregnancy termination certificate; the same evidence Cumbria Police were given and “lost”. Was there a concerted effort to hide this and protect the recently damaged reputation of the NHS Trust by making sure this evidence never reached the CPS? We would also like to establish who the managers were at the Garlands in 1988; we think they have questions to answer.

We want to know why Scott-Buccleuch was allowed to continue in Hospital Radio at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle under Shirley Chipperfield, the same HR Director who investigated and knew what he had done when he was a Trainee Mental Health Nurse at the Garlands.

We would like to know if the Hebron Church in Carlisle was aware of what Scott-Buccleuch had done. He has held a position of responsibility at the Church, including dealing with young adults for many years. What did they know and do they have safeguarding processes in place?

What happened to Alison in the NHS Hospital in Carlisle was not known at the time of the original inquest into her death in 1992 so we are looking to reopen the inquest as this will be an opportunity to get the facts out in the open. The Coroner’s office has acknowledged that what happened to Alison when she was in the Garlands Hospital could have had a significant impact on her and played a part in the events that unfolded.

The trainee nurse who had sex with Alison has no idea of the enormity of the damage he caused and no apparent desire to understand. However, we do not want harm to come to him; enough people have been hurt by his actions and we have no wish to ruin more lives. He has concealed his wrongdoing for almost thirty years before finally admitting his sexual offences to the Police in 2017. What he did was illegal, immoral, harmful, selfish, unethical and unacceptable. In using a vulnerable mental health patient for sex and covering his tracks with an abortion, he behaved despicably and ignored a duty to act in Alison’s interest. We believe he should answer for what he did and have asked for restorative justice; a request that has been ignored. Whatever he did, he was just one part of a wider system that allowed the events in question to happen and enabled him to get away with serious sexual misconduct. Though he is responsible for his actions and entirely culpable, it should be noted there were other issues at the Garlands and other people knew what was going on; they are also accountable.

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